Thai Food is a harmony of tastes including sour, sweet, salty and spicy and these flavours influence every dish.
If you are not familiar with Thai food or even if you do know Thai food but you tend to eat the same dish every time please read through this menu guidance and see if there are other dishes that catch your eye.

For a Thai meal it is normal to share dishes and to order a balance of dishes. Ordering four coconut milk-based curries will not give you much variety. So for a group of people consider a vegetable dish, one sour soup and one uncooked dish, perhaps a yam (Thai-style salad). Throw in a stir fry or two and a curry with rice you've got yourself a phat meal. This allows you to truly sample the variety of Thai cooking.

One thing ALL the curries have in common is that they are truly delicious; they have different flavours and levels of spiciness so there is one that is suitable for everyone.

Thai curries use a moist curry paste that is made with fresh herbs such as galangal, garlic, lemongrass and kaffir lime leaf. This is different from the Indian curries which are based on dried spices.

The Thai curries are quite different in flavour; the hottest are the Green Curries, which use young green chillies and the Red Curries which use dried red chilli and fresh red chilli.

The mildest is Yellow curry which has a sweet and sour flavour and is made with turmeric and a very mild curry powder. So if you are someone who does not like spicy food at all then do try a Yellow curry.

Panang curry is very interesting; it has multiple layers of flavours including some peanut flavour but it is definitely influenced by Indian curries. Panang curries contain more spices such as star anise and cloves than other Thai curries.

Massaman curry is a Thai favourite with peanuts being the dominant flavour and medium spiciness. Massaman curries are slow cooked so the meat is very tender and absorbs the flavours over time.

All the above curries have coconut milk but the Jungle Curry does not. Jungle Curries are spicy and salty and intensely flavoursome - ideal for those who want a curry without coconut.

We will try and modify the menu if we can but sometimes it is not possible because the ingredient is an intrinsic part of the dish. Other times it is not practical ie asking for Pad Thai without egg will mean the noodles will stick together like a brick.

We always try and accommodate requests including those relating to allergies and intolerances.

Not all Thai food is spicy. If you do not care for spicy food then may we recommend the following foods which contain NO chilli; Yellow Curry, Stirfry with Oyster sauce and Thai Style sweet and sour.

None of the starters No 1 to 8 are spicy and even No 9 on the menu - 'Spicy Squid Fritters' can be modified to be non spicy. If you fancy a salad then we can remove the chilli from No 16 - 'Asian Chicken Salad'. Tom Kha is a coconut flavoured soup which usually has a drizzle of chilli oil on top but if you want to avoid all spice just let us know and we will omit this.

Something else to consider is No 29 - 'Stir Fry with Garlic and Black Pepper' which does not have chilli but there is considerable heat from Black Pepper and we can remove this heat if you ask us at the time of ordering. The same goes for No 26 'Chicken and Cashew Nuts', there is a very little chilli in the sauce for this but we can remove this is you ask.

All our stirfries use soy sauce or oyster sauce which contains gluten. If you require your stir fry to be gluten free please let us know and we can substitute gluten free soy sauce.

If you are lactose intolerant then you are in luck as there are no dishes that contain lactose our main menu, HOWEVER this may change if you order a dish from the Chef's Special menu so please do check each time.

Nuts, mainly cashews and peanuts, feature heavily in Thai cooking. Sometimes they are obvious ie Satay Sauce for the Chicken Satay, Massaman curry, Green Papaya Salad or it may be used as a garnish like on Pad Thai or Asian Chicken Salad so please do tell our staff.

May features in our salads so please check.

Shrimp paste is used to add intense flavour to many dishes without making the dishes taste of shrimp so it may not be obvious that the dish contains shrimp, once again please tell staff.

We hope you enjoy your Thai food from Thai Now and we look forward to hearing what you think. Thanks Vivien and the team at Thai Now.